Heat sinks

Heat sinks


The Webra Heat sink solution

The WEBRA patented high efficient heat sink profile gives excellent performance and exceptionally high fin ratio of performance through the extrusion of a homogenous material.

Exceptional performance

The WEBRA patented and protected technology optimizes the geometry of heat sink profiles. Significant parameters for the unsurpassed performance are:Surface enlargementfor heat transfer and adjusted flow cross section for pressure drop minimization.

Unhindered heat conduction

from the heat sources to the fin surface


verified in the wind tunnel

Safety and longevity

The WEBRA patented heat sink profiles are manufactured from a single homogenous aluminum extrusion. This offers a significant advantage compared to competitors´profiles as the risk for thermal resistances at the joints of pressed-in, rolled-in or glued-in fins and thus risk of aging and performance loss is eliminated.WEBRA's design made of a single homogenous piece is of outstanding quality, the high thermal performance always remains the same.